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The Correct Order to Watch Marvel Movies

Something I see on social media a lot is people discussing the “correct” order in which to watch the Marvel films.

To me it’s simple. Watch them in the order they were released.

Yes you can argue that because some of them are set in different decades, you should watch them sooner than ones that came out before, but quite frankly, that’s rubbish.

For anyone who’s not aware, each Marvel movie has a short scene right at the end of the credits which links it to the next film in the series. If you watch the films in any other order than the order they were released, these scenes will make no sense. For instance, if you decide to watch the films in chronological order, you’ll have to watch 19 movies before you get the relevance of the post credit scene in Captain Marvel (2019).

If it weren’t for these post credit scenes I wouldn’t have an argument but they do have a lot of relevance as far as tying the films together.

Are you a Marvel fan? 🦸‍♂ What do you think? 🤔


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