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The Batman (2022) Joker Deleted Scene - Arkham

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen The Batman (2022) yet!

I just bumped into this deleted scene from the movie and I had to share it!

To be honest, as much as I enjoyed the film I was a bit underwhelmed with the joker scene at the end of the movie just before the end credits.

This video however has made me think differently. 🤔

While I was watching the film at the cinema I was thinking about Joker (2019) and wondering if and how that version of the character could be introduced to this new iteration of Batman. I know there are time differences and Joker was intended as a stand-alone movie but still, I guess I liked the idea that we might see a more developed Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix pop up in this new world. I think maybe that’s why I wasn’t overly blown away by that end scene because it confirmed to me that they intended to go in a different direction.

This deleted scene is awesome! I’m surprised it was cut to be honest but I’m glad they’ve released it now.

It shows the most insane version of the Joker that we’ve seen yet and I love that! He’s also pretty terrifying which is something I don’t think has been translated to the screen quite to this degree until now.

A lot of people have a a real attachment to Heath Ledger’s version of the character which I get. It was a brilliant performance and the tragic death of Ledger, I think, has made it even more iconic. As good as his portrayal of the character is though, it’s not my personal favourite and it’s quite different from the character who featured in a lot of the graphic novels I read in my youth. The Joker in this cut scene from the movie seems (dare I say) more comic-accurate.

Matt Reeves (director) has apparently gone out of his way to say that the Joker isn’t necessarily going to feature in the next movie. You have to wonder though if the release of this clip is to test the water with fans before making a decision.

I have to say, after watching it I’m pretty excited.

What do you think? Give it a watch and let me know below.👇

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