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The Batman 2 Confirmed by Warner Bros. with 'Whole Team' Returning - MovieWeb Article

I think after the massive success of The Batman this year it was inevitable we’d get a sequel. Personally I’m excited about it having loved the movie but not everyone will be as thrilled I’m sure.

Having been a Batman fan for more than half of my life I've come to the conclusion that fans of this franchise can be split into three groups:

1. Those who have read and are fans of the comics.

2. Those who’ve never read a Batman comic but have enjoyed previous on-screen iterations of the character.

3. A mix of both.

I’m a mix of both. I’m not a hardcore comic reader but Batman has always been my favourite comic-book character and I spent a lot of my youth reading graphic novels.

As a film fan I’ve enjoyed all of the films to varying degrees and can totally see why some are more popular with fans than others.

I’m particularly interested to see the Arkham Asylum spin-off mentioned in this article. A show that focusses on the villains and the internal goings-on of the asylum before and after the villains are incarcerated sounds like it could be worth a watch, especially if it’s as dark and gritty as the movie itself.

If you saw the deleted scene I shared recently of a meeting between Batman and the Joker you’ll probably agree that if that’s anything to go by, we could be in for a treat!

Matt Reeves has stated that the release of that clip doesn’t necessarily mean that the Joker will be the next villain going up against the caped crusader in the sequel but who knows? He could show up in the TV series…

When it comes to villains, I’d love to see Two Face appear in a Matt Reeves Batman movie. I think a dark take on the character would really work in this new world. He’d probably have to be introduced as Harvey Dent in the next film though and have him become the villain at the end so he could feature more prominently in a third movie…

Whatever happens I’m looking forward to it!

What are your thoughts on a sequel to The Batman and which villain would you like to see featured? 🤔🦇

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