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Taxi Driver (1976)

Last night I ticked a big film off my “Films I should’ve seen by now but haven’t” list.

I watched Taxi Driver (1976).

I’m not sure what to say about this movie. After all these years of not seeing it but having heard so much about it and knowing how highly regarded it is, I wanted to write a post saying how much I enjoyed it. I’m not sure I did though...

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally see why this film is a classic and why it’s so highly rated. The performances are superb and De Niro is absolutely brilliant!

As far as film making is concerned it’s a masterpiece. It has a very unique style and a daring story. I just found the depressing tone of it made it slightly hard to get through.

Before you savage me in the comments, I’m NOT criticising this film (I wouldn’t dare!) I’m just saying that as much as I can appreciate how good it is as a film, I just didn’t overly enjoy it as a piece of entertainment.

I’m glad to have finally watched it though. Much like The Godfather, I feel like if you’re a film fan it’s one of those films you have a moral obligation to watch - if for no other reason than just to see what the “You talkin’ to me?” scene is all about.

Have you seen Taxi Driver? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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