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Superior Sequels: Rocky I - IV

This week on Superior Sequels we’re looking at four films from an epic saga!

Rocky (1976) vs Rocky II (1978) vs Rocky III (1982) vs Rocky IV (1985).

I’m sure I don’t need to explain why I’ve only included four of the six films in this post but I will...

The argument over which Rocky film is the best usually tends to revolve around the first four movies. Rocky V (1990) is generally regarded as the worst, and Rocky Balboa (2006) - as good as it is, rarely comes into the argument.

Also, before anyone tells me I’ve forgotten to include the two Creed films, they’re a separate franchise altogether (hence the title) so they don’t count in this discussion.

All four are great movies with some significant differences in the production and style over the course of the films, but which is the best?

Is the Italian Stallion’s first shot at the title the heavyweight champion of the saga (see what I did there?) or was it surpassed by either his rematch with Apollo Creed, his comeback match with Clubber Lang or the East vs West grudge match with Ivan Drago?

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