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Short Film: Backstroke (2017)

Apparently it’s a scientific fact that people engage less with a video link or a link to another site on social media than they do with something that’s right there in front of them.

I’ve noticed that that’s true with my Facebook page and hey I get it, life’s way too short to have to wait 2 seconds for that link to open...😳

Rest assured though, I only share stuff that I would want to see if I was a follower of this page. Believe it or not I’m actually pretty fussy about what I share.

With that in mind believe me when I tell you that this is worth your time.

I stumbled on a clip of it recently and thought it was a full movie so went looking for it. It turns out though that it’s a short horror film (around 10 minutes 20 seconds) so you can squeeze it in while you’re waiting for dinner to cook or sat on the toilet. 🚽

Either way, please watch it and let me know what you think (I don’t need to know if you watched it while you were sat on the toilet).

I loved it! 👌

Synopsis as follows:

“Two runaway teens steal a car with dreams of driving down to Florida, but things take a turn when a stranger appears with unknown intentions.“

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