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Role Models (2008)

Last night I watched a film I’ve been wanting to do a post about for a while.

Role Models (2008)

All week I’ve wanted to watch The Departed (2006). I haven’t seen it for ages and Mrs Screen Room Movie Podcast hasn’t seen it at all. Alas, by the time we’ve finally sat down each night it’s been way too late to watch a two and a half hour movie, especially when we’ve got to be up early the next morning. 😵

Why am I telling you about a film I didn’t watch? Because, flicking through the channels on Sky last night after yet another failed attempt at watching The Departed, this just happened to be on and it’s one of my favourite comedies of recent years.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s a highly amusing comedy starring Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Seann William Scott (American Pie), Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) among many others.

This is what it’s about according to the internet:

After salesmen Danny (Rudd) and Wheeler (Scott) trash a company truck, the court gives them a choice: jail time or community service in a mentoring program. Thinking to take the easy way out, the two overgrown adolescents find themselves paired with a teenager (Mintz-Plasse), who is experiencing the pangs of first love, and a foul-mouthed fifth-grader (Bobb'e J. Thompson) who needs an attitude adjustment.

I love this film! It’s really funny and definitely one of Seann William Scott’s better offerings since the American Pie series. He and Paul Rudd and the character’s they play couldn’t be more different but it works perfectly! The same is true with the younger actors.

There are brilliant supporting roles from Jane Lynch (Glee), Ken Jeong (The Hangover) and Joe Lo Truglio (Paul) who all, at various points provide some of the funniest moments of the film (watch out for Jane Lynch’s cocaine monologue as well as the “bagel dog” scene). 😂

As funny as this movie is, it actually has a lot of heart and it makes the effort to look at why the kids in it are in need of mentoring in the first place. It’s quite touching at times but it’s also careful not to linger too long before throwing out more laughs. This is one of the reasons it stands out to me from other comedies that came out around the same time. Plus, I think Seann William Scott is hilarious, so…🤷‍♂️

If you’ve somehow missed this one and fancy a giggle over the weekend, I definitely recommend checking it out. 👌

Seen it? Let me know what you think. 👇

“Taste the beast!”

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