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Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend: Second Read

I just finished reading this for the second time and I think I enjoyed it even more this time around!

I first read this book after watching the film back in 2008. I remember seeing someone recommend it on (remember them?) saying that as good as the film is, it isn’t as good as the book. I decided to buy it and see if they were right. They were.

Usually when a book is adapted into a film everyone talks about how much of the content was left out. With this book it’s more a case of the film being completely different altogether!

With the exception of the premise (last human alive on earth after a global pandemic), the only other thing taken from the book is the main character’s name. The rest is a different story entirely.

I do really like the film but I’d love to see a more faithful adaptation of the book at some point. Having said that, I’ve never seen The Last Man on Earth (1964) or The Omega Man (1971) which are both adaptations of the book (Fun Fact: I Am Legend was the inspiration behind Night of the Living Dead).

I definitely recommend giving this a read.

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