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Resident Evil Series Rant

One subject I intend to devote a whole podcast episode to is the subject of why video games made into movies are rarely any good.

Case in point:

The Resident Evil series (2002 - 2016)

I apologise for moaning again but I’m such a huge fan of the games that when I heard they were making a film adaptation of them all those years ago I got pretty excited.

I needn’t have, it was extremely disappointing.

To be honest, I’ve only seen the first two films (and not recently) so maybe it’s unfair of me to judge the whole movie franchise on just those two. That said, the first film has the highest rating of them all on IMDb so if that’s anything to go by I’m glad I skipped the other four.

I don’t understand how they can get these things wrong!

The games have all the ingredients you need to make a great movie but almost every time it’s like someone goes, “er, yeah we won’t bother using any of that.” It drives me mad!

I quite liked that the first one (and second to an extent) used certain creatures from the games but in my opinion they missed a huge opportunity to recreate the horror of the games and make some of the best zombie movies ever made.

Are you a gamer? Have you seen these films? Am I out of order on this one..?

Let me know below (hey, I’m a poet!)

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