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Remembering Rik Mayall

I can’t believe we lost Rik Mayall six years ago today! I was so shocked when I heard he’d died.

I just missed out on The Young Ones as I was too young to appreciate it at the time (the irony) but I was addicted to watching another of his and Adrian Edmondson’s tv comedies, “Bottom”.

My friend and I would quote lines from the show constantly when we used to work together years back.

As well as the comedy roles he’s famous for, Rik Mayall also played a number of serious roles and proved to be a talented actor.

He will undoubtedly be remembered though for the larger than life characters he played in sit-coms such as The Young Ones, Blackadder, Bottom, The New Statesman and the cult classic film, Drop Dead Fred (1991).

“May I say what a smashing blouse you have on!”

R.I.P Rik 😢

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