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Ray Liotta Calls Out Fake “Officially Signed” Goodfellas Poster on The Rich Eisen Show

I was so gutted to hear about the sad passing of Ray Liotta yesterday that I’ve since found myself on YouTube watching old interviews with him.

I remembered watching this one a while back where he calls out a fake “officially signed” Goodfellas poster while on a talk show. Of all the videos I’ve seen I thought this was the best one to share.

Something I noticed about him is how humble he was. It’s like he didn’t realise he was a famous movie star himself. His actual persona is so different to so many of the characters he played (many of them villainous) that it really shows what a great actor he was.

He seemed like a really nice guy and he’ll be greatly missed.

You can watch the full interview here and I also highly recommend this video of Ray breaking down some of his most iconic characters. Both are well worth a watch. 👌


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