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Photographer Captures Great White Shark in Jaws Poster Pose

If you’re a fan of Jaws (1975) and even if you’re not, you’ll be familiar with the movie’s iconic poster imagery.

The film of course is based on the best selling novel by Peter Benchley about a rogue Great White Shark who terrorises a popular beach resort over a 4th of July Weekend.

Photographer Euan Rannachan has been fascinated with sharks since he was a child and now from behind the lense he’s managed to capture this photo of a lifetime!

While on a recent trip to Mexico's Guadalupe Island, Rannachan snapped this photo during a cage dive just 35 feet away from the apex predator. It’s as close to the original movie poster as you can get!

The original Jaws poster was created by artist Roger Kastel who based his work off a taxidermy shark.

Roger Kastel with a copy of his iconic Jaws artwork

I once read that Peter Benchley said that if he’d known how much damage his novel would do to the world’s shark population and people’s perceptions of the animal he never would’ve written it.

In the years following the success of his book and Steven Spielberg’s movie adaptation of it, Benchley devoted many years of his life to shark conservation and was a member of the National Council of Environmental Defense. He also acted as a spokesman for its Oceans Program.

Jaws author, Peter Benchley

Benchley can be seen in a cameo appearance in Jaws as the news reporter reporting on the recent shark attacks in the waters off Amity Island.

Jaws is one of my favourite movies of all time so Rannachan's photo blows my mind!


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