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Overrated Movies: Inception (2010)

I’m going to start doing the odd post on films I consider to be overrated.

It won’t be a weekly thing, just as and when I think of one.

I’m gonna start today with this one.

Inception (2010)

To be fair I’ve only seen this movie once and before I watched it a friend of mine told me it was “amazing”. With that review it was doomed to fail to live up to my expectations before I even pressed play on the remote. 😵

Visually it was very good but as much as I understood the story, I found it all a bit long and convoluted and it felt like it was “trying” to be clever. In the end I just thought it was “ok”.

I’ve been meaning to give it another watch to see if I enjoy it more a second time round and when I do I’ll give you an update on my opinion of it.

What do you think of Inception?

Also, comment one film that you think is overrated (save any others for future posts). 👍

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