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Livraria Lello (Harry Potter Book Shop)

I’ll come clean about this early on, I’m not a Harry Potter fan. I’ve only seen about three of the films and not the first three at that.

Having said that, I do like how passionate Harry Potter fans are about the franchise and the magical world as a whole. Being a huge movie geek myself, I totally get it.

For all you HP Fans out there (no, not the sauce), there’s a book shop in Porto, Portugal called Livraria Lello. It opened in 1881 and was apparently, the inspiration for the library at Hogwarts in the wildly popular books and movies.

J. K. Rowling lived in Porto in the early 90s while she was an English teacher there and she used to frequent the book shop.

Today the bookstore has become a huge tourist attraction for Harry Potter fans and others alike.

Entry costs €5 which is redeemable against a purchase (this was introduced after people flocked there just to take pictures inside).

It’s pretty impressive and easy to see the resemblances with the sets in the movies.

Take a look for yourself 👇


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