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Jerry and Ben Stiller in New York (1978)

I hear a surprising amount of people say they don’t like Ben Stiller but I have to admit I’m a fan. He’s done some really funny films and he’s a good director too!

Ironically the first thing I ever saw him in was a film called Next of Kin (1989) starring Patrick Swayze and Liam Neeson. If you haven’t seen it, it’s not a comedy and quite a contrast to the kind of stuff he’s known for now. It’s also not a bad film. 👌

This is a picture of him with his dad, Jerry Stiller who sadly passed away earlier this year.

Apparently this was taken in 1978 at the 45th and 8th Avenue in New York City, which would’ve made Ben Stiller about 13 years old. That He-Man hair cut seemed to be a hit back then! 😳

Did anyone else watch the TV show King of Queens? I loved Jerry Stiller in that! 🙌

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