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Jackals (2017)

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t take much notice of ratings. Sure they’re good to give you a rough idea but I’ve seen a lot of films with excellent ratings that were dull and I’ve seen some with bad ratings that were great!

With that in mind, I caught this film on TV late one night a while back and really enjoyed it despite finding it only has a 5.0 rating on IMDb.

Jackals (2017)

It stars Stephen Dorff (Blade) and a few others that you might recognise.

This is what it’s about:

A desperate family hire a specialist deprogrammer (Dorff) to rescue their teenage son from a murderous cult. However, things turn deadly when the cultists surround their cabin and demand the boy back.

Ok so this isn’t the best horror movie you’ll ever see but I think it deserves slightly more recognition that it gets. If I hadn’t bumped into it on TV that night, I wouldn’t even know it existed.

If you’re looking for horror films to watch over Halloween and are bored of the ones you’ve seen a hundred times, why not give this a go?

Seen it? What do you think? 🤔


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