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Indiana Jones 5: Is it Time He Hung Up His Hat?

Indiana Jones 5

You must be aware by now that another Indiana Jones film is on the way.

I’ve made no secret of my feelings about the last one (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) and as much as I hold on to a shred of hope that another Indy movie could redeem the franchise, I can’t help feeling I’m going to be disappointed again.

If somehow you’re not aware, Steven Spielberg was due to direct Indiana Jones 5 but has now left the project and as I understand it, will be producing instead. James Mangold (Walk the Line, Identity, Logan) is now set to direct but last I heard they were struggling to get a story together for him.

I’m no film expert (just an enthusiast) but wouldn’t you make a film because you had a good story ready to go? It seems like they’re so desperate to chuck out another sequel that they’re getting everyone excited before they even have a story! No doubt they’ll just make it up as the go along like they did with the last Star Wars trilogy.

The first three Indiana Jones films are some of my favourite movies of all time and represent a huge chunk of my childhood, as I'm sure they do a lot of us.

As much as I’d love to see another film as good as the originals, I personally think it’s time Indy hung up his hat - or passed it on to Chris Pratt (but that would require another film which, as I’ve said will no doubt be disappointing).

Bear in mind too that Harrison Ford is 78 now and will be 80 by the time a new film is likely to be on our screens...

What do you think? Should they bin it? Are you interested to see what they do with it? Could you see someone else taking on the role..?

So many questions!

Let me know below.👇


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