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Happy (belated) Birthday Michael J. Fox

I can’t believe I missed Michael J. Fox’s birthday yesterday!!

Of all the people I can miss, I miss the lead actor in my favourite film of all time. Shameful!

If only I had a time machine...(too cheesy..?) Sorry. 😬

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Back to the Future! The sequels are brilliant too but the first movie is as close to perfect as you can get. 👌

I chose this particular picture of Michael J. Fox because no other scene from any other movie has had a bigger impact on me.

As well as my passion for films I also have a deep love of music and am a musician myself.

I remember watching the Johnny B Goode scene for the first time as a kid in absolute awe! The idea of being on stage and playing music with everyone watching was just amazing to me!

I might never have picked up a guitar if it hadn’t been for that film - not that I’m a great player, but I’ve met some very good friends through music and have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of playing over the years.

I’ve almost finished Michael J. Fox’s book “Lucky Man” and haven’t enjoyed reading this much since I read I Am Legend years ago.

I’m not a big reader usually but I’ve loved every page of this book so far.

I totally recommend it!

Anyway, happy birthday for yesterday Michael J. Fox, and thanks for the many hours of escapism and hugely enjoyable entertainment you’ve given us 🙌

P.S. His middle name is actually Andrew. 🤯

Which of his films is your favourite? 🤔


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