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Grizzly Man (2013)

Have any of you seen this documentary film?

Grizzly Man (2013)

The film chronicles the life of grizzly bear activist Timothy Treadwell who, along with his girlfriend Amie Huguenard was killed and eaten by a grizzly while camping at Katmai Park, Alaska in October 2003.

Pieced together from 100 hours of Treadmill’s own footage shot over the last five years of his life, actor/director Werner Herzog (Jack Reacher, The Mandalorian) gives us an insight into Treadwell’s well meaning but at times dangerous relationship with the bears he believed had come to trust him.

Treadwell’s video camera captured an audio recording of the attack that has never been released. Just before it happened his girlfriend intended to film the bear encounter but didn’t have chance to remove the lense cap before it attacked.

This is a strange watch but I highly recommend you check it out if you liked Blackfish (2013), or just have a morbid fascination with animal attacks like I do.

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