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Garden Nightmares

I hate gardening! I honestly don’t get how anyone can find it enjoyable. I DO however enjoy sitting in the garden with a beer, which is why I’m happy for Mrs Screen Room Movie Podcast (to be) to do all the work.

One of you Screen Roomers made me aware of these brilliant horror movie garden gnomes yesterday and now I’m seriously considering getting more involved in the gardening...

They’re called “Garden Nightmares” and were devised and created by Casper and Sadie Revenant.

As you can see the gnomes are inspired by iconic horror movie villains such as Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Leatherface and Jason Vorhees to mention a few. They’re unlicensed though so as much as they might look like some of your favourite horror movie characters, technically (and more importantly) “legally” they’re not...

The Garden Nightmare collection is available to buy on various websites (mainly US from what I can gather) for around $55 each.

Click here to visit Casper and Sadie’s website.


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