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Film Fact #3: Predator - Jean-Claude Van Damn!!

Film Fact #3

The original actor cast to play the Predator in 1987s “Predator”, was none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme.

He was originally cast believing his martial arts training would make the alien “an agile, ninja-like hunter”. However, according to reports, he was difficult on set, constantly complaining about being too hot in the alien suit, causing him to passing out.

He also (allegedly) expressed reservations on a number of occasions about only appearing on camera in the suit (’re playing an alien mate..😳)

Eventually, due to these issues, Jean-Claude was let go and the more physically imposing actor Kevin Peter Hall was cast to replace him (he also played Big Foot in Big Foot and the Hendersons).

The creature was also (thankfully) re-designed, as the original alien suit was found too cumbersome and not scary enough. Thank God!

He’s “One ugly motherf#cker!”

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