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Film Buff Rescues More Than 20,000 VHS Tapes Set For Dump

Read the BBC News article here then come back. What a Hero! 💪

I’ve got about 250 VHS tapes in a box in my garage that he can have if he’s willing to travel to Devon...😳

Personally I’d never go back to VHS but I’m really glad I experienced it growing up.

Kids today will never understand the frustration of trying to get a tangled up cassette out of machine, or having to press the tracking button to get horizontal white lines off the screen so you can actually see what you’re trying to watch. 😵

I remember getting my first video recorder for Christmas when I was about 14 or 15 (around 1995). It was all I wanted at the time. 🙌

Remember having to program it to record something if you were going to be out when it was on TV? The first thing I ever set mine to record was Tremors (1990). Good times! 😍

Who’s still got their video tapes?

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