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Field of Dreams (1989)

As many films as I’ve seen there’s an ever growing amount that I haven’t.

I’m embarrassed to say there are some huge films that I’ve never watched (The Godfather is one) but I’ve got a list and i’m slowly working my way through it.

I’ve just watched Field of Dreams (1989) for the first time.

This one’s not actually on my list but I just happened to catch it on TV this morning and I really enjoyed it.

Like with a lot of films I’ve never seen there’s usually something about the story that doesn’t appeal enough for me to watch it. With this film it’s always been the baseball element. As it happens it’s about so much more than baseball. Who knew..? 😳

Once again I’ve been proven wrong about a film I thought I wouldn’t like.

What big films haven’t you seen? 🤔


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