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Eddie Murphy Returns as Axel Foley in Beverly Hills Cop 4 Set Photos - MovieWeb Article

The information in this MovieWeb article is good news for fans of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise…isn't it?

I hate to sound cynical yet again but let’s be honest, by now we’re all so used to these long awaited sequels being disappointing that these days it’s hard to get excited about this kind of news.

I’m a big fan of these movies (the first two in particular) so I have everything crossed that it’ll be a worthy follow up. However, after the sheer disappointment that was Eddie Murphy’s last long awaited sequel, Coming 2 America (2021) I’m more sceptical than excited at this point.

This film has been in development for YEARS now! I just hope that all that time means we’ll get something that’s worth the wait, and it can be done! Bad Boys for Life (2020) is just one example of a sequel to a popular franchise coming out years later that has quality and still manages to capture the essence of what made the first two so enjoyable and successful.

It’s a little worrying that it’s being released straight to Netflix though. As I mentioned in my Matt Damon has explained why they don’t make decent films anymore post recently, with an increasing amount of new films being released directly to streaming platforms I fear for the future of Cinemas.

Are you excited about Beverly Hills Cop 4 (sorry, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley)?

Let me know in the comments.👇

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