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Drop Dead Fred (1991)

One of my favourite films growing up was Drop Dead Fred (1991).

My sister had it on VHS and we used to watch it all the time. We’d literally cry with laughter no matter how many times we watched it!

If you haven’t seen it it’s a quirky comedy starring Rik Mayall (The Young Ones), Phoebe Cates (Gremlins) and Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), among others.

This is what it’s about:

When a young woman’s marriage falls apart, her troublesome childhood imaginary friend (Mayall) reappears to “help” her through the crisis.

With all the best intentions of cheering her up, his mischievous and anarchic nature causes havoc in her already unraveling life.

I love this film but it got absolutely panned when it came out.

Things like “putrid mess” and “one of the worst films I’ve ever seen” were written about it, along with “recommended only for people who think nose-picking is funny."

Well guess what? I think nose-picking is friggin’ hilarious! In fact I love toilet humour in general, and let’s be honest, if you’ve seen the TV show “Bottom” then you know what Rik Rayall is capable of when it comes to all that. 😆

I wonder if it’s a British humour thing..?

I know our humour doesn’t always translate well across the pond so what we’re used to here may just cause confusion (or offence) elsewhere.

Either way, this film has since become a cult classic.

It’s funny, heartwarming and despite all the silliness has a surprisingly emotional resolution.

If you don’t mind silly, childish humour and want to see a great performance by one of the best British comedy actors this country has ever produced, you should watch Drop Dead Fred. 👍

Seen it? What do you think?


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