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Did You Know You Can Buy a Bare Chested Dr. Ian Malcom Action Figure?

Jeff Goldblum Ian Malcom toy from Jurassic Park

Did you know you can buy a bare chested Dr. Ian Malcom action figure? Well you can!

Last year, toy manufacturer Mattel launched this great bit of Jurassic Park merch (officially called the Jurassic Park Chaos Theory Dr. Ian Malcolm Figure) to celebrate the release of Jurassic Park Dominion (2022).

The 3.75 inch removable collector figure comes complete with “tiny sprigs of hair” on his chest, and mood lighting. Not only that, but when pushed down, the beloved Jeff Goldblum character delivers 8 of his best lines from the movie.

The whole diorama is very nicely contained in a replica of Dr. Malcolm’s book “God Creates Dinosaurs”.

Priced at £25.99 on the Mattel Creations website the figure is limited to two per customer. They’re also available on eBay but are going for around £35 on there.

Mattel, it seems were so preoccupied with whether or not they could make this figure, they didn't stop to think if they should… I’m so glad they did!

Check out this short promotional video for it.

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