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Currently Watching: Masters of the Universe (1987)

Currently watching: Masters of the Universe (1987) on Comedy Central (Sky UK).

I’m having a bit of a lazy one today.

I was a massive He-Man fan growing up! I still have all of my figures, vehicles and Castle Grayskull in boxes up in the loft 💪.

Although this film is hardly anything like the original cartoon I loved it at the time it came out just because it was He-Man related.

I’m excited about the new Kevin Smith produced series, “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” coming to Netflix next year. It looks like they’re staying very true to the original 1980s series and there are loads of big names attached such as Mark Hamill, Jason Long, Kevin Conroy, Sarah Michelle Gellar and more.

According to IMDb there’s also another live action movie in the works with a release date of March 2021 (that may have changed due to COVID-19). There’s also very little info about this one...

What are you watching? 🤔

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