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Cop Land (1997)

A couple of nights ago on the recommendation of a couple of people on Facebook I watched Cop Land (1997).

I’m a big Sylvester Stallone fan but somehow I’ve never watched this film till now. I loved it!!

Cop Land is a neo-noir crime drama written and directed by James Mangold (Identity, Walk the Line) and stars Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Ray Liotta (Goodfellas), Robert De Niro (Heat), Harvey Keitel (Pulp Fiction) and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) among others.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s what it’s about with a little help from IMDb and Wikipedia:

“The Sheriff of a small New Jersey town inhabited and dominated by corrupt New York cops, slowly discovers the town is a front for mob connections and can no longer allow himself to stand by and do nothing.”

Sylvester Stallone is superb in this film and gives one of the best performances I’ve seen him give since Rocky (and this is not a typical Stallone movie). The rest of the cast, as you’d expect are also brilliant, especially Ray Liotta and Harvey Keitel.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to watch this movie!

If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a watch!

Thanks for the recommendation guys.

What have you been watching this week? 🤔


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