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Casting Polaroids by Mali Finn

I watched a funny video once about the idea that nostalgia is dying out. As much as it was tongue in cheek, it actually had a point.

Basically, because we all take so many pictures these days and because they’re always so accessible either through social media or on our phones, we’ll eventually lose that feeling of nostalgia when we look at a photo we haven’t seen for years. It makes sense.

Years ago we took less pictures, had them developed (remember those days?), then put them in an album only to forget about them for years. It’s great looking at old photos that you haven’t seen for a long time!

These days we see our photos so often that they don’t get the chance to “get old”.

Check out these casting Polaroids of actors early on in their careers (not Drew Barrymore obviously) taken by casting director Mali Finn.

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