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Bridget Fonda Looks So Different These Days!

Remember Bridget Fonda? She starred in such films as Single White Female (1992), the comedy drama, It Could Happen to You (1994) alongside Nicolas Cage, and one of my favourite creature features, Lake Placid (1999) among many others.

Well I was on my daily Facebook scroll recently when I stumbled on what I thought was a fake post until I looked it up and found it to be true!

Fonda (now aged 58) retired from acting in 2002. She’s never revealed exactly why she stepped away from the limelight but in 2003 she was involved in a car accident when her car was totalled after going over an embankment while she was driving on the highway in heavy rain. Thankfully she was expected to make a full recovery.

That same year she married one of my favourite film composers, Danny Elfman (he’s done the music to pretty much every Tim Burton movie) and they had a son a couple of years later.

Any one of these things could be the reason she decided to quit acting or maybe she just lost the love for it. It happens.

Either way, I couldn’t believe that the person in this picture was the same person I watched in all of those movies years back (except for Single White Female, I still haven’t seen it).

By the way, it’s not my intention to body shame or make fun with this post, I just honestly didn’t believe it was her when I saw the picture!

To be fair, as good as the money must be when you’re a Hollywood star it must suck to have to worry about how you look, what you can and can’t eat, and what you do on a daily basis for fear of losing roles or getting snapped by the paparazzi on that one occasion you step outside your house and don’t look “perfect”. God knows I get tired of worrying about what I look like. I say good for her for embracing a totally new life.

Bridget is the daughter of actor, Peter Fonda (Easy Rider, Ghost Rider) and niece of Jane Fonda (Barbarella, 9 to 5, Monster-In-Law).

Please be kind in the comments. 👍


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