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Behind the Scenes of: Titanic (1997)

Behind the scenes of: Titanic (1997)

Leonardo DiCaprio and the lovely Kate Winslet looking not so “elevated” on the set of the most expensive film ever made (at the time).

I’ve always been fascinated with the Titanic disaster. Even before the film was made I used to watch a couple of documentaries my dad had on VHS.

I remember when I saw the movie poster outside the local cinema in my home town for the first time. The tagline was “Nothing on Earth could come between them” and it really annoyed me. 😡

Having read about the disaster as well as watching documentaries containing interviews with actual survivors, I felt the idea of making a fictional film based around the real events was distasteful. It felt like they were cashing in on the tragedy (I must’ve been a pretty serious 17 year old).

The upset can’t have lasted long however because I went to see the film shortly after and was totally blown away by it! 🤯

Not only did they handle the events of the disaster really well (and more importantly, tastefully), I got totally sucked in to the love story between Jack and Rose (Leo and Kate).

I think it’s that love story that makes the film endure today.

The chemistry between the two lead actors is so powerful that it’s almost impossible to image anyone else playing their parts, but they nearly did…

Apparently the likes of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Jeremy Sisto (Wrong Turn) and even Matthew McConaughey were considered for the role of Jack.

For Rose, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow were allegedly among the names of actresses who were in the running to play the character.

Fortunately though the stars aligned and fate (with a little help from the casting director) brought the loveable and fresh-faced Leo and Kate together for a movie experience that would change both of their lives.

During the filming of the movie the two actors got along so well that their friendship is still going strong today. According to both of them, “friends” are all they’ve ever been and despite some saucy scenes in the film and speculation from the public, they’re more like brother and sister than anything else. Cute! 😍

Leo and Kate reunited as a married couple in Revolutionary Road (2008). The film was directed by Kate’s then husband Sam Mendes (Skyfall).

“I’ll never let go, I promise” 🚢

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