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Behind the Scenes of: Commando (1985)

Behind the scenes of: Commando (1985)

Arnold Schwarzenegger letting off some steam with Bennett - a less than impressed looking Vernon Wells on the set of Commando.

Despite the look on Wells’ face in this picture, the two actors reportedly got on really well. Interestingly though, Wells wasn’t the first actor cast to play the villainous Bennett.

According to Arnie in a joint interview with the two, it was he who suggested casting the Australian actor as the film’s villain. Wells was brought in to audition for the role but the filmmakers weren’t as sold on him as Arnie was and another actor was hired instead.


Not long into shooting it became evident that the mystery actor they’d chosen to play Matrix’s old team-mate-turned-nemesis wasn’t imposing enough next to Arnie’s massive frame. Needless to say he was booted out and Wells was cast after all.

Although Arnie had reportedly been a fan of Wells from the beginning, his first day on set actually made the Terminator actor start to doubt his new co-star’s ability to be menacing.

Wells was super friendly and his approach to acting didn’t involve a lot of rehearsing - more, wandering around and getting a feel for the set and his surroundings.

Just when Arnie started to think they’d hired a “wuss” they decided to shoot the scene where Matrix is chained to a table shortly after being captured by the bad guys. As soon as the cameras started rolling, Wells immediately snapped into character and was apparently so convincing in the role that Arnie never doubted him again.

Matrix: “I’ll be back Bennett!”

Bennett: “John…I’ll be ready John.”


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