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Awesome Movie Illustrations by Jim Connolly

One of my favourite things about running my Facebook page is the amount of engagement my posts get from people who love movies as much as I do.

I love the conversations we have in the comments and it’s mad to think that although I chat to a lot of my followers on a daily basis, we’ve never actually met. 😳

One such person and someone I regularly chat to on the page has been keeping a pretty big secret though...

It turns out he’s a totally badass comic book illustrator!

I actually only found this out recently and was so impressed with his talents that I wanted to share some of his art with people I know would appreciate it as much as I do. You guys. 👍

His name is Jim Connolly and these are just a few examples of his awesome work. 🙌

You can find him here on Facebook

He’s also on Instagram as @jimconnollydraws78

Head over and show him some love. 😍

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